Chinatown and the Empress of Heaven

A Tour of San Francisco Chinatown and the Tin How Temple…   The Chinese immigrants that built the San Francisco Chinatown wanted to bring their home with them. The goal was to create a city within a city. They had their own businesses, newspapers, governing institutions, commerce centers, and religious spaces. While embracing America and opportunities for fortune, they kept their culture and community. This is why Chinatown is such a culturally rich landscape and beloved community for locals and tourist alike. A perfect example of the rich traditions transposed to America is the Tin How Buddhist Temple.   The Chinese in San Francisco Many Chinese migrated to California for work and fortune hunting. They called California the Gold Mountain. Struggling through hardships and a hostile new homeland, they sought to create a space for themselves in San Francisco. Rising out of the Portsmouth Plaza, in between Clay and Kearny […]

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