La Mujeres Muralistas and the Fantasy on 24th Street

Deep in the Mission District on 24th street between York and Bryant is a small children’s park nestled between two businesses–Five Markets Groceries and La Mexicana Bakery. The park includes small play areas for young children, a water fountain, seating spaces, and on the edifices of the neighboring structures are a series of colorful murals. One of these murals that decorates the surface of a three story building is called “Fantasy World for Children.” It  was painted by some very important women in the history of the Mission. A Miniature Park for 24th Street The park is one of many of its kind in San Francisco called “Mini Parks.” The history of these parks, all 44 of them, are a cornerstone of the city’s philanthropic and community spirit, exemplified by its plethora of community leaders and city administrators. The origins of the parks came out of the same time period […]

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