Digging Up the Foundations of Sutro Tower

Sutro Tower from Glenbrook Avenue

The Origins and History of San Francisco’s TV Tower…   Sutro Tower has stood on top of Mount Sutro so long that it is hard remembering a time when it wasn’t there. I was born two months before its patriotic birthday on July 4th, 1973; and so, for me, it has nearly always resided over the city. It has been celebrated and panned by locals and visitors alike. Herb Caen always had the best insults for the tower, such as “”I keep waiting for it to stalk down the hill and attack the Golden Gate Bridge” or visualizing it to a “giant erector set that was stalking to march down and eat…” Fritz Leiber, in the opening of his novel Our Lady of Darkness called it “The TV tower — San Francisco’s Eiffel, you could call it — was broad-shouldered, slender-waisted, and long-legged like a beautiful and stylish woman — […]

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